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ANSA Technologies BARBEE Valve Testing

AT Staff at BARBEE Training

In the month of November 2017, ANSA Technologies Limited provided training on the BARBEE Valve Testing System, which is a recent addition our line of services. This training was a hands on experience in which our customers and employees benefited from. Twenty-four of our employees participated in the training.  Thirteen of which received certificates with the designation Certified Operator-Technician while eleven participants received certificates with the designation Certified Operator & Trainer.

The trainer, Ron Gearhart of BARBEE Engineered Testing Systems, covered theory, hands-on training, troubleshooting and maintenance of the BARBEE Hydrostatic Test Stand, Model # – TF-150T-DAQ. This machine is designed to perform hydrostatic and pneumatic shell / seat testing on flanged valves from 1” to 16”, ANSI Class rating 150# to 2500# on the test fixture, and can also be modified to test larger sized valves.

It is housed in a state of the art, 20ft mobile container with accessories and is partitioned with the control panel / office on one side and the pressurized clamping mechanism on the other. At ANSA Technologies our we aim is to provide these services at our customer’s location- onshore, offshore and even regionally.

Receiving certificate for BARBEE Training AT staff training


Hurricane Relief Initiative

ANSA Technologies Ltd. partners with Ultimate Power!

ANSA Technologies Ltd. partnered with Ultimate power in 2017 as their exclusive sub-distributor for Caribbean nations such as Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana and Suriname, to promote Green Solutions as we aim at cutting carbon emissions which will therefore reduce harmful CO2 emissions levels in our environment.

ANSA Technologies Ltd. alongside Ultimate Power shares a clear commitment to energy efficiency where the main goal is to reduce imports of petroleum products and decrease the carbon footprint associated with its consumption, thus ensuring a reduced emission of harmful gases. The Euro 2020 strategy defines an energy efficient Europe, intended to help decouple economic growth from the use of resources while ensuring the transition to a low carbon economy and increasing the use of renewable energy sources, hence modernizing the transport sector and promoting energy efficiency.

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Beyond One Million Man Hours!


ANSA Technologies Limited proudly commemorated One Million Man Hours without a Loss Time Injury (LTI) in April 2017.  This achievement was only made possible through the collective efforts and hard work of the entire team!

At ATL, we embrace HSSE management in a holistic way. We recognise that an effective HSSE culture incorporates the interactions between people, working environment, equipment, systems and procedures in the organization.

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