ANSA Technologies Ltd. partners with Ultimate Power!

ANSA Technologies Ltd. partnered with Ultimate power in 2017 as their exclusive sub-distributor for Caribbean nations such as Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana and Suriname, to promote Green Solutions as we aim at cutting carbon emissions which will therefore reduce harmful CO2 emissions levels in our environment.

ANSA Technologies Ltd. alongside Ultimate Power shares a clear commitment to energy efficiency where the main goal is to reduce imports of petroleum products and decrease the carbon footprint associated with its consumption, thus ensuring a reduced emission of harmful gases. The Euro 2020 strategy defines an energy efficient Europe, intended to help decouple economic growth from the use of resources while ensuring the transition to a low carbon economy and increasing the use of renewable energy sources, hence modernizing the transport sector and promoting energy efficiency.

We offer you the “Ultimate Cell”, an optimization device for reducing both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in internal combustion engines with diesel, petrol, ethanol and LPG with up to 80% reduction in exhaust pollutant gases and up to 30% savings on fuel.

The Ultimate cell is installed near the engine away from heat sources or moving parts and is electrically powered from the engine’s electrical system directly from the battery or fuse box. Located at the top of the Ultimate Cell, the hydrogen feeding tube is connected to the air intake of the duct of the engine in a section after the air filter before any volumetric compressor which may exist

Choose Ultimate Power, the optimizer for internal combustion engines

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