ANSA Technologies Ltd. is committed to a safer and healthier environment as we offer Renewable Energy Solutions (RE) to our customers. As part of this initiative, we also offer Energy Efficient Solutions (EE) to our Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Clients.

  • LED Bulbs for Industrial/Commercial applications

    • Fluorescent replacement
    • High Bay Lighting
    • Area Classified lights
    • Perimeter lighting
  • Solar Panels

    • Savings on your energy cost
    • Easily harnessed worldwide
    • Extremely reliable and a truly renewable energy source
    • No emissions of Greenhouse gases, hence a non-contributor to global warming
  • Wind Generators

    • An environmental friendly energy source
    • A low-cost energy source for industrial and domestic applications
    • Can provide a continuous power supply
  • Engineering Audits for improving power usage

    • We can conduct audits to assess energy consumption
    • Recommendations can be made for systems and processes to reduce energy consumption
    • Implementation of power saving technologies such as capacitive banks and power quality monitors