ANSA Technologies BARBEE Valve Testing

AT Staff at BARBEE Training

In the month of November 2017, ANSA Technologies Limited provided training on the BARBEE Valve Testing System, which is a recent addition our line of services. This training was a hands on experience in which our customers and employees benefited from. Twenty-four of our employees participated in the training.  Thirteen of which received certificates with the designation Certified Operator-Technician while eleven participants received certificates with the designation Certified Operator & Trainer.

The trainer, Ron Gearhart of BARBEE Engineered Testing Systems, covered theory, hands-on training, troubleshooting and maintenance of the BARBEE Hydrostatic Test Stand, Model # – TF-150T-DAQ. This machine is designed to perform hydrostatic and pneumatic shell / seat testing on flanged valves from 1” to 16”, ANSI Class rating 150# to 2500# on the test fixture, and can also be modified to test larger sized valves.

It is housed in a state of the art, 20ft mobile container with accessories and is partitioned with the control panel / office on one side and the pressurized clamping mechanism on the other. At ANSA Technologies our we aim is to provide these services at our customer’s location- onshore, offshore and even regionally.

Receiving certificate for BARBEE Training AT staff training