Beyond One Million Man Hours!


ANSA Technologies Limited proudly commemorated One Million Man Hours without a Loss Time Injury (LTI) in April 2017.  This achievement was only made possible through the collective efforts and hard work of the entire team!

At ATL, we embrace HSSE management in a holistic way. We recognise that an effective HSSE culture incorporates the interactions between people, working environment, equipment, systems and procedures in the organization.

Through careful implementation of HSSE strategy and industry best practice, we continue to pursue and achieve HSSE excellence.

An organization’s attitudes and values regarding working safely are important factors that influence its approach to work and ultimately its health and safety performance. At ATL we created a focus on HSSE as a way of life and developed our HSSE goals and objectives in alignment with our Safe to Work (STOW) certification and industry best practices.

Through strong HSSE leadership and management commitment, the team focused on achieving the set targets through the implementation of risk management, mitigation plans and other strategies. We consulted with key stakeholders and engaged our staff in the establishment and achievement of our overall safety performance targets. The evolution of our culture into a safety oriented environment was largely made possible through accountability and ownership for HSSE deliverables. Our team accepts responsibility for ensuring HSSE goals and targets are maintained and surpassed. This transition, as with many met with challenges, however through persistent commitment to the process, our team incorporates HSSE as part of their work routine.

Major achievements are not only meant to be celebrated, but pave the way for even greater accomplishments in the future. At ANSA Technologies Limited, we are engineering the kind of future we want to engender starting with safety first!

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