Health, Safety & Environment

ANSA Technologies Ltd. is committed to the protection of the Environment, Employee Health and Safety, and the users of our products and services in the market which we serve.

The company aims to comply with accepted international practice and the requirements of all relevant Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) legislation in particular the Occupational, Safety and Health Act of 2004 and its amendments of 2006 and will also conform to the HSSE Requirements of our clients.

The Management Team of ANSA Technologies Limited:

  • Encourages the active participation of all employees in the control of health, safety and environmental conservation.
  • Ensures that potential HSSE risks associated with all our activities are identified and assessed as early as practicable to minimize the risk.
  • Regularly reviews performance and continuously improves the effectiveness of the HSSE Management System and standards to reflect best industry practice.
  • Solicits and ensures the active participation of suppliers and sub-contractors as necessary to promote the policy.
  • Ensures that materials and equipment used are of a high standard and quality, are maintained properly.
  • Mission

    To work safely for the success of our organization and to develop and maintain a positive EHS culture in our workplace. We will do so within the Manufacturing, Public and Private Utilities and Petrochemical Industries that we serve in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and throughout the world. We shall achieve this through the utilization of appropriate and up-to-date EHS Techniques and Technologies.

    Safety is an important and intrinsic part of our operations.

  • Values

    The management and staff of ANSA Technologies Limited will work safely in a manner that promotes the health and well-being of the individual and the environment encountered by our activities.

    ANSA Technologies Ltd. Management commits itself to:

    Striving for a healthy environment and accident-free workplace.

    Providing information and assistance that allow for safe handling and use of our products and services.

    Maintaining a state of preparedness for responding to accidents and emergencies.

    Assisting employees in maintaining their health and safety, promoting a culture where staff is practicing safety at work and at home. Ensuring safety is not only translated to our employees but by extension their families also.

    Working as a team and promoting participation at all levels to achieve our HSSE targets.

  • STOW Certified

    Safe TO Work (STOW) is a certification programme for contractors’ HSE Management systems in Trinidad and Tobago. The Energy Chamber began the STOW programme to meet the range of health, safety and environmental (HSE) requirements among the major oil and gas operating companies. In order to receive STOW certification, the company must govern its business according to industry best practices.

    ANSA Technologies Ltd. received their STOW certification in 2011 and has maintained its STOW certification to date.