E & I Installation

ANSA Technologies Ltd. has a wealth of experience in design and installation of E & I Systems from Commercial Projects to large Industrial Installations both on land and offshore.

Design of Commercial and Industrial Electrical Systems

Our Engineers are able to assess a site and propose an Electrical Design in accordance with the needs of the clients in a Commercial or Industrial Environment. We can design HV, MV, LV systems according to Local and International regulations. Our Engineering team can also develop energy efficient solutions such as Solar Lighting Designs in conjunction with our supplier.

HV, MV and LV Installations

Our Project Managers have a wealth of experience in installing HV, MV and LV systems on land and offshore. We have capable, skilled technicians to support them in these installations from Grid supply, to the step-down transformers, to the MCCs, Panels and Devices. We also supply and install energy efficient solutions such as Solar Powered Lighting.

Instrumentation Installations

Aside from Supply Valves, Controllers, Relays, Gauges etc., we perform Installation of Instruments and Tubing. This includes Calibration of Gauges, Testing of Tubing Installations, Loop Checks and Function Checks.

Testing and Commissioning of Electrical and Instrumentation Systems

ANSA Technologies Ltd. works with clients and vendors during the commissioning phase to ensure that the entire system functions as expected. We also troubleshoot issues that may arise during the commissioning phase and follow up with after sales support.