ANSA Technologies Ltd. Quality Statement

ANSA Technologies Limited shall meet our customers’ expectations at every interaction, ensure that all statutory and regulatory requirements are complied with, and ensure continuous improvement on our performance to exceed those expectations. We commit to complying with the relevant legal requirements of all territories within which we operate.

ANSA Technologies Ltd. will be a high performance, regionally competitive, customer driven, technology solutions provider for the energy, industrial and utility sectors. At ANSA Technologies Limited, everyone is responsible for Quality and for implementing the requirements of the Quality Management System in their respective areas. Our management team is committed to providing the necessary resources, problem-solving capabilities and recognition to allow all departments to achieve their Quality Objectives.

ISO 9001

In 2009, ANSA Technologies Limited completed a series of exercises which included auditing by our internal auditors, second party auditing of our Quality Management System by BG T & T’s Quality Department, refresher training for internal auditors, general awareness sessions for staff, and several Management Review Meetings focused on continued customer satisfaction through problem solving initiatives and preventative action. All of which contributed to our Quality Management System being upgraded to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Management and staff of ANSA Technologies Limited would like to give the assurance to our customers that we are committed to quality and will continue to improve on our products and services until our customers’ expectations are met and/or exceeded.