Mechanical Services

ANSA Technologies Ltd. is willing to work with all our clients to find the right mechanical solution for your business. We are committed to providing timely support and cost effective solutions to all our customers.

Valve Testing

ANSA Technologies Ltd. has been in the Valve Testing business for the past Twenty Five (25) years. The discipline was inherited from the H.J. Gansaull acquisition. Recently we acquired a new state of the art test bench which gives us the capacity to test from 1/2” to 16” valves. Our experienced Technicians will ensure there is a quick turnaround time with all Pressure Relief and Control Valves and Gauges Repairs. Our Valve Testing Shop is mobile so we have the capacity to perform on-site testing.

Reconditioning & Reconstruction

We have the ability to Recondition and Reconstruct Substations, Battery Rooms and MCC Rooms etc. We will supply all materials and labour from start to finish for the client. We also will Recondition Old Instrumentation and Electrical Component where applicable.

Refractory and Insulation

Through our partnership with GMB Refractory Construction & Industrial Services Ltd. we offer Refractory and Insulation Services. This partnership was signed in 2016 for us to be able to supply a wider range of services to our clients.

Supply and Installation of Valves

We can supply valves of any type and size required by your operation. Our experienced and competent SCM Team will ensure that from your order to the delivery, the shortest and most cost-effective medium is utilized. Our in-house Technicians will also remove and install the valves as required.