Engineering, Procurement and Construction

ANSA Technologies Ltd. provides EPC Solutions to deliver savings from economies of scale, agency representations and other cost benefits which results in overall savings to the end-client.

The term “EPC” is a combination of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities required for successful project execution and is a prominent form of contracting agreement across industries. An EPC offering is a testament to a company’s ability to take on small, medium and large scale projects from the engineering design to material sourcing to construction and handover within a consolidated time frame and budget. Remarkable changes in today’s market have empowered clients/owners/end-users to demand more support, innovation and transformation from their suppliers/contractors. At ANSA Technologies Ltd, we offer a combination of Project & Contract Management expertise, in conjunction with requisite products and services and is therefore well positioned to undertake projects requiring an EPC execution methodology.

Benefits of EPC Solutions

  • Single Point Responsibility

    Our team is capable of providing the total solution to our clients requiring EPC services. This encompasses the Engineering Design and Support Services based on the project requirements and objectives. From this stage, we procure the materials and equipment outlined in the bill of materials utilizing our in-house procurement and supply chain capabilities. Through solid partnerships and in-house construction competencies, we are able to provide the complete range of construction services including, Civil, Structural, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation and Commissioning.

  • Turnkey Solutions

    Through our direct handling of projects from concept to commissioning, our clients are able to focus on the core areas of their business such as production or operations whilst maintaining oversight of the project. This approach reduces project risks by eliminating the need for our clients to manage and coordinate multiple contractors and their interfaces.

  • Minimal Staffing Requirements

    The staffing and resourcing of the project is provided by ANSA Technologies Ltd. Single point responsibility and the turnkey solution approach results in reduced staffing requirements by the client. This arrangement offers the client minimum changes to headcount and costs as all arrangements are managed by ANSA Technologies Limited.

The EPC approach fosters improvements to overall project planning, precise management of contractual schedules and the containment of project risks, all while maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality, resulting in an efficient and integrated solution. Single point responsibility for the EPC Solution will lead to economies of scale and the associated cost benefits resulting in comprehensive savings for our clients.